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Festival UK* 2022


Motion Graphic Designer


Festival UK* 2022, spanning England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, stands as a significant nationwide celebration of creativity and innovation. Ten expansive projects, driven by collaborative teams from the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, will receive funding.

These commissions aspire to impact millions, achieving Festival UK* 2022's dual objectives of fostering unity and showcasing the UK's creativity globally.

My role involved crafting Motion Graphics that encapsulate Festival UK* 2022's personality and values, using their existing brand identity as a starting point. This undertaking encompassed a phase of exploration and development, ultimately shaping the deliverables: two ten-second ident stings.



I used a combination of 3D elements with hand-drawn shapes, lines, typographic glyphs etc. to represent the collaborative theme of FestivalUK* 2022, where creative teams could be made up of a Painter, a Saxophone Player and a Statistician.

Style Frames

Animation Tests

It was important to find a way of representing the festival’s goal of collaboration through the use of motion. Here are some of the experiments I created to explore how we could use collision to show creative minds bouncing off one another, improvising and producing unexpected results. 



After figuring out which animation tests had worked and which hadn’t, I carried the findings on to develop the Idents. Each ident needed to communicate a core message using typography as well as the personality of the brand through design and movement. 


Animated Lecture

Following the delivery of the idents, the Client asked to apply the same approach to a longer form animation to accompany one of the festival’s projects.


Bobby Seagull is a Maths Teacher, Television Presenter and Author who was commissioned by the festival to record a short lecture about the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with learning Maths. My animation would serve as a visual accompaniment, turning the audio lecture into an explainer video.

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