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Kong Studio | Open University | V&A Musuem 

Storyboard / Illustration / Animation / Sound Design

This film is one of two animated shorts for the Open University, each exploring a different artefact in the Victoria & Albert museum’s collection, created to coincide with the ongoing television series ‘Secrets of the Museum’ on the BBC.
Based on a script provided by the client, I was given a huge amount of freedom to develop a visual style for these films - from illustration style to colour palette to character design.
One of the biggest challenges was creating a large cast of characters- from a matador to colonial soldiers, engineers to a flamenco dancer. I took inspiration from photographs and paintings created during the eras. Character animation can be a very time-consuming process, so we kept the movements subtle and reused elements where possible.

The film is built using a mixture of frame-by-frame animation and rigged elements, combined in After Effects with a low frame rate to give it a handmade quality.


Storyboard Frames

SHOT_08 copy.png
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