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The British Museum / Samsung




Illustrator / Storyboard Artist


Because of the Covid 19 restrictions, The British Museum and Samsung were offering free interactive history workshops to schools. These sessions were available through video calls,  connecting classrooms with an expert in the Samsung Discovery Centre within the museum. The experts engaged the class on a number or ancient periods using artefacts from the museum’s own collection.

I was hired as an illustrator to design a short animated film aimed at teachers, explaining the functionality of the workshops and its value to students, in order to get those teachers to book a session. 

Final Animation


We needed to find a way of representing how the workshop brought the museum into the classroom and history to life.


Working closely with a Motion Graphics Designer, we developed the concept of a portal which is activated by the museum’s artefacts, transforming the classroom into a number of ancient worlds. 

STORYBOARDArtboard 1.png


DESINGSArtboard 2.png


DESINGSArtboard 1.png


The colour palette of each ancient world needed to be inspired by the artefact associated with it, whilst also harmonising with the existing green and grey brand palette of the Samsung Discovery Centre. 

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